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Why Use PK Landlords?

Dealing with landlords since 1990 throughout many developments in the lettings industry, we know that every customer is different and thus strive to deliver a friendly efficient service that works for you. Finding the right tenant, minimising void periods, achieving the best possible level of rental income for your property and avoiding conflict are the foundations of our philosophy.
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Here a few key factors behind how we make this happen:

Marketing & Presentation

Efficiency, Presentation & Attention to detail is everything. It can attract the right people as well as make the decision making process for prospective tenants a more straight forward and efficient process. Our quality property brochures and internet advertising (including our Rightmove Real Time Feed that instantly puts your property on the market), social media presence, state of the art window displays in our prime office location as well as our extensive database of applicants ensures we maximise our presence in the marketplace.

Tenant Guidance

Guiding a tenant throughout their tenancy can often be the difference between a smooth and a problematic tenancy. As well as maintaining a proactive relationship with our tenants, we also provide tenants with a handbook on how to best maintain your property to help ensure it is maintained to the standard it was given.


All Deposits are legally registered with the Deposit Protection  Scheme  (DPS). Visit our Legal Obligations page to find out more.

Independent Inventories

We use Independent Inventory Clerks & Companies to carry out our inventories who are able to provide a thorough, factual and unbiased inventory, eradicating the grey areas that can sometimes lead to tenancy disputes.

Rent Guarantee for Managed Properties

Visit our Property Management Page for more information on the competitive Letsure Policy’s for properties that we manage.  

Lettings Team 20+ Years Experience

Our Lettings team has over 20 years’ experience in the industry, and have thus developed sharp instincts and thorough knowledge in dealing with the many complexities that can arise from Tenancies & Property Management.

Read Our Testimonials

“Fantastic independent family service. Honest trustworthy company who have made letting my property easy. My property was let within 24hrs of being on the market.”
 Ciaran & Helen, Landlords

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Flexible Viewing Timings

We understand that many prospective tenants lead a busy professional life, and simply do not always have the time to view a property during working hours. At PK Properties you will usually find us arranging viewings in the late evenings, early mornings as well as throughout the weekend. This can sometimes be the difference between losing and gaining a quality tenant for your property in a fast paced rental market.

Personal Contact

As an independent company, we believe in providing a warm & approachable service to our clients, always available to answer any queries or discuss any matters you wish to.

Furniture & Contractors

With lettings being such a fast moving market, where Landlords need to have a property ready in time for their best chance to minimise void periods and secure the right tenant, Our aim is to help ease the stress that it may bring. Our long term relationships with experienced, vetted contractors and furniture companies mean that we can help get your property ready and furnished as required at competitive rates by trustworthy people, whether it be preparing blinds to be fitted to a new build, or simply sourcing furniture at a competitive price for the right tenant.