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The Letting Process

Viewing a Property

Through Rightmove, Zoopla and our Website you are able to send us a direct message to request a viewing. Alternatively you can call us on 0208 429 1683 and ask to speak to our lettings team.

Once we show you the property and you are interested, we can discuss any special requirements you would like us to bring forward to the landlord such as move in date, furniture, work you may want done etc... Alternatively if you are happy with the suggested move in date and would like the property as it is we can move on to the next stage.

Placing a Holding Deposit

To confirm your interest and thus take the property off the market, we require a holding deposit, typically 50% of the amount of the deposit. You will receive a signed receipt of this.

This then goes towards the deposit should you follow through and let the property.

If the landlord decides to not go ahead with the letting the property to yourself you will receive this back in full, unless you have provided false information on your application form.

Taking References

We then require each tenant to:
  1. Fill out an Application Form (which includes information such as employers contact details, current address, contact details, current/previous landlord details and other information)
  2. Provide an original of their Passport/Residency Permit
  3. Provide a proof of address (typically a Bank Statement) dated within the last 3 months
  4. In some cases we would also ask for pay slips for the last 6 months

Accepting the Offer

Once the references have been checked and passed, we then proceed with fulfilling any special requirements that were agreed upon and get the Tenancy Agreements ready for you to sign.

An inventory will be done by the date you move in.


By the move in date, in order for us to hand over the keys to you, we will need to have received the remaining balance as well as have the Tenancy Agreement signed by yourself.

The remaining balance will be:
  • First month’s rent
  • Remainder of Deposit
  • Agreed Agency Fee

Please see the Tenants Fees page for a full breakdown of our Agency Fees.

We then hand you over keys as well as an Inventory which you must go through and note any comments on that you deem necessary or items/remarks you feel should be on the inventory. You must then sign this and post or hand deliver it back to our office

Welcome to new your new home!

*Rent is then due on the same day of each month to PK Properties, unless we are not collecting the rent on behalf of the landlord in which case we will provide you with the landlord’s bank details.
*The deposit is held for the purpose of rectifying any breach in the terms of the tenancy. The amount of deposit payable will be advised upon application. As a tenant, your deposit will be safeguarded throughout the period of your tenancy and the funds will be repaid to the appropriate parties. Just remember, in order to ensure you receive your full deposit at the end of your tenancy you must satisfy the terms of your tenancy agreement, make sure the property is not damaged and pay the rent and bills.