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Property Management

We manage hundreds of properties for our clients, ranging from those with a single property, property portfolios and overseas landlords, who all prefer to have us deal with the entire lettings and management process for their investments.
For an overview of what extra value is offered in a management package please refer to our Menu of Services. If you would like to speak with our lettings team for more information on Property Management or have any property maintenance or tenancy queries, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will be glad to help.

Here are some of the key reasons why you as a landlord may prefer us to manage your property or portfolio:


Even though we do the best we can to ensure we find the best possible tenants for your property to avoid the need to take out such insurances, many clients find that for the small investment required, the peace of mind of guaranteed rental income, regardless of a change in personal & professional circumstances of a tenant, represents a much greater value.

For many years now we have used Letsure to guarantee the rent & possible legal expenses for many of our clients properties, and find that they have been the most thorough, efficient and successful company to deal with. For an extremely competitive fee, we are able to guarantee yearly rent & legal expenses for properties that we manage.


Over the last 25 years, our vast experience in managing property portfolios for a diverse range of clients has taught us that each individual is different and likes to work in their own way. As a result we have always developed a flexible and proactive approach to management, whether it be the layout of landlord statements, or regular inspections on request to ensure all is being maintained thoroughly.


Our Lettings team has over 20 years worth of experience in the industry, and has thus developed sharp instincts and thorough knowledge in dealing with the many complexities that can arise from Tenant & Property Management.


We have managed to build long and trusted relationships with experienced and vetted contractors based both locally and across the London area, who quite often are able to find solutions to property maintenance issues that will save you the landlord time, money and worry, leading to a smoother, stress free letting of your property.

Due to the nature of our long lasting relationships, we are also able to get work done on your property at competitive rates.


We find that many tenants prefer managed properties, which is often a key factor behind a decision to pay a premium rent and feel more secure in a property.